GJTH house

Governor Trumbull House & Wadsworth Stable

This house was the home of Connecticut's patriot governor, who was born in 1710 and died in 1785. He was the only colonial governor to actively support the American Revolution and soon gained the nickname 'Brother Jonathan' given to him by General George Washington.

The state became known as the 'Provisions State' due to our numerous productive farms and commitment to the patriot cause. Governor Jonathan Trumbull used the people's collective will and robust agricultural base to support the war effort. Lebanon became the center of Connecticut's war effort through his actions and others with a similar patriotic commitment.

The Wadsworth Stable Museum has a rich Revolutionary history. Constructed in 1730, Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth was appointed to manage the difficult task of organizing, distributing, and supplying the troops. As Commissary General, his pivotal role aids the Governor in satisfying General George Washington's requests.

Today the stable is recognized as an example of Palladian architecture and houses museum displays and exhibits.


Trumbull House

Home of Governor Jonathan Trumbull

Wadsworth Stable

Built by Rev. Daniel Wadsworth in 1730