The Governor Jonathan Trumbull House contains several excellent examples of 18th and 19th century needlework.

Faith Robinson Trumbull, stitched about 1754. She was the wife of Governor Jonathan Trumbull.
Eunice Buckland, c. 1800-1820, Buckland Coat of Arms. She was the daughter of Aaron Buckland and Eunice Pitkin and married William Jones in 1810.
Harriot Burr, aged eight years, was wrought in 1789. She married Solomon Williams in 1805. He was the son of William Williams and Mary Trumbull.
Sarah Clarke, Boston, c. 1740-1753, married Ebenezer Backus of Norwich in 1753.
Laura Gillet, 1810, from Colchester. She was born on June 26, 1795, and died in Colchester in 1839 unmarried.
Lydia Robinson, niece of Faith Robinson Trumbull, c. 1767. Lydia was born in Newton, Massachusetts on February 8, 1754.
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